Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Living Fertility System Mini Experiments

This is an ongoing project begun in 2012. Below are some experiments we are doing with various things we had lying around we want to see what happens with different materials and how they decompose and what creatures are attracted to what. We are looking to see what 'moves' in and what lives here. We suspect that if creatures have a 'home' they move in. Also if you haven't already noticed that usually under wood, stones, rock etc it is generally moister with more fertile soil. We have even noticed plants growing out from under rocks or from the middle of rocks.
Wind Fall branches cut up and piled up
Small living system - sticks, leaves, wood chip mulch

Tin with logs on it

pile of sticks from nearby trees


old pieces of concrete 

below ground Living system - we dug a hole, filled it up with matter and
covered it - see blog post for more detailed information on this particular

Above ground Living System - matter stacked up high, focus on
decomposition rather than composting to encourage living organisms
See blog post of Living Systems for more information. Over time as we document what happens we will add it to this page.

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