Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reptile Heaven Project - Begun 'Summerfest 2012'

Susan and Michael had a desire to create a reptile habitat in part of their garden. It was rather interesting because Susan who has had a terror of snakes for most of her life set her intention and desire for a reptile haven and pretty much a day later they literally began moving into the area. A lizard family moved in, then a snake rocked up onto her verandah and various other amphibians were found in the near vicinity. 

From our personal experiences we feel that as soon as an intention is made that things feel that and begin moving in. I often feel they are drawn to the property and then wonder 'where are out homes? our food supplies? We felt you wanted us to come here!' and yet we are not quite ready for them, smile. The power of intention we are finding is amazing and so very powerful!!!

Susan and Michael's garden is basically on rock with little topsoil and so not much grows. There are a number of purposes for Reptile Heaven. Firstly to create habitat and homes for some of God's beautiful creatures (not everyone loves reptiles that much and we feel that if we love everything equally then surprising things can happen. We also realised that there is not that much habitat for insects or reptiles on the property so we have begun creating it.) 

The area was designed with above ground living systems (as you can't dig into rock so this was the obvious choice) two ponds, rockeries, pipes, stick/rock piles and piles of matter including wood chip, compost, crates, stones etc. It also has incorporated waterless veggie gardens made for the animals who move in and has reptile mansions, palaces, holes, crevices and various living quarters. As many diverse conditions were created for reptiles as possible, both as an experiment to see what they like and also to create homes for them in all weathers and environmental conditions. The focus was the basic needs, food, shelter, water...

Native legumes, grasses - tussock, lomandra, small wattles have also been planted in the area. These will become 'self' mulching. Legume shrubs and bushes were chosen that can be pruned with the intention being that branches are cut from them and laid on the ground to create more top soil. As the soil builds up then larger legume varieties that can be pruned will be planted until large trees can be planted that self mulch the area and create soil and living matter that ends up being self generating for the area.

More grasses and legumes will be planted to link up a neighbouring paddock to create a corridor for reptiles and animals so they do not have to venture over exposed land. 
Before anything happened at Reptile Heaven site
Before area where lower pond was put - plus materials for use in the garden
After Volunteers had put in ponds, living systems, reptile homes etc
Near Finished
Before view from the top pond with various materials to be used in the
In progress, top pond complete, planting and systems being created
Finished view from top pond
native legume

native legume

native 'wild' legume

wood, hay piles containing lizard, snake, reptile homes

reptile homes many of these are experiments to and
creating varied conditions so reptiles have somewhere
to go under all weather conditions.

some small amphibians found

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