Thursday, March 07, 2013

Prayer For Divine Love


My Father, Who is in Heaven , I recognise that You are All Holy and Loving and Merciful, and that I am Your child, and not the subservient, sinful, and depraved creature that false teachers would have me believe.

I know that I am the greatest of Your creations, and the most wonderful of all Your Handiworks, and the object of Your Great Soul’s Love and Tenderest Care.

I know that Your Will is that I become at-one with You and partake of Your Great Love which You have bestowed upon me through Your Mercy and Desire that I become, in truth, Your child through Love, and not through the sacrifice and death of any of Your Creatures.

I pray that You will open up my soul to the inflowing of Your Love, and that then will come to me Your Holy Spirit to bring into my soul this, Your Divine Love, in great abundance, until my soul is transformed into the very essence of Yourself; and that there will come to me faith – such faith as will cause me to realize that I truly am your child and one with You in very substance, and not in image only.

Let me have such faith, as will cause me to know that You are my Father, and the bestower of every good and perfect gift, and that, only I myself, can prevent Your Love from changing me from the mortal to the immortal.

Let me never cease to realise that Your Love is waiting for each and all of us, and, that when I come to You, in faith and earnest aspiration, Your Love will never be withheld from me.

Keep me in the shadow of Your Love every hour and moment of my life, and help me to overcome all the temptations of the flesh, and the influence of the powers of the evil ones who so constantly surround me and endeavour to turn my thoughts away from You to the pleasures and allurements of this world.

I thank you for Your Love and the privilege of receiving it, and I believe that You are my Father – the Loving Father who smiles upon me in my weakness, and is always ready to help me and take me into Your Arms of Love.

I pray this with all the earnestness and sincere longings of my soul, and, trusting in Your Love, give You all the glory and honour and love that my finite soul can give.


Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Thank You!

We just want to thank the people who turned up on Saturday for your intention to come and clean chairs or give to the land and help us out. We appreciate it. 

We hope you enjoyed the change of plan and thank you so much to Fabio for a mini singing workshop, and running the karaoke for us all. Thank you also for some great songs amongst all our 'trying' smile.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!


The Lytton-Hitchins

The Chairs stayed in their places

Fabio gifted us with his talent in music
and we had a great time letting our voices
sing too!

Friday, March 01, 2013

CHANGE OF PLAN: Rainy Day Programme

Hi Everyone,

It began raining last night YAY! and it looks to continue over the weekend.

We have decided that we WILL go ahead with Saturday and cancel Sunday this weekend.

If it is raining tomorrow (Sat) we will be in the woolshed doing some inside projects in the morning and have some singing, dancing and a shared meal in the afternoon if you would still would like to join us. 

If we have been in the woolshed all day the evening programme will be cancelled. This will not be decided until 8am Saturday at the morning briefing.

If it clears at all during the day those who desire can go up to the waterless garden and help out.

If it is sunny then some of the outside paddock projects will be going ahead as described on the events page. This will be decided at 8am tomorrow morning at the woolshed briefing. The Sunday projects are cancelled.

Please bring: 

  • wet weather gear, 
  • a towel if you want a shower,
  • tools
  • any snacks you want 
  • a plate of vegan or vegetarian shared food for late lunch/early dinner 
  • Water (enough bottles to take to the field in case it is sunny)
  • dancing shoes

For any more information or if unsure of any of the details please contact Eloisa on or phone 04 3411 2585

We look forward to seeing those of you who are coming.

We'll be in touch with a re schedule of the entire weekend in the near future.