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Last updated: 24th July, 2013.

We will keep this page up to date with things that are happening. Please see dates and times below. 

We will also use this page to inform of any cancellations or changes to planned events so you can check up before you come. We will endeavour to give you as much notice as possible but changes and cancellations may occur at late or very short notice.

Events are free of charge and no reservation is needed, unless specified. 
(Please see bottom of this page for prerequisite material and special notes.)

Prayer Meeting:

During the winter months Michael and I have decided to stop meetings being held physically at Kyabra but we will continue praying together on Thursday evenings and anyone wishing to do the same from your own home can join us from 7 - 8:30pm. 
The cold evenings have instigated this change and we will re-visit coming together at Kyabra again in a few months time. We hope and encourage you to pray daily, moment by moment over and above this weekly opportunity.

I was fortunate enough to talk to Mary Magdalene on a recent visit regarding prayer groups and she pointed out a very valid point to consider when we are praying for others. Her suggestion is that when we are praying for others that we ask God to show us the emotions within us that we have or are holding on to that are contributing to others suffering or situations in the world. We need to develop a sincere desire not only to know what the injuries and errors are within us, but to also feel them and release the cause that created them in the first place. For example when we were praying for the Pope at his inauguration we needed to ask God in that moment to show us the injuries within our selves that are contributing towards untruths being taught in religion. This generally results in tears and self realisation regarding our own part in the creation of the event we are praying for.

The recent Solomon talk (there are 2 parts to this talk, the link is to part 1) is an excellent example of understanding the Prayer for Divine Love and can be recommended for your reflection and understanding.

The focus each Thursday will continue to be connecting to God using the Prayer for Divine Love given by Jesus. It is a time of reflection and prayer for receiving Divine Love. Perhaps you would like to think of a world issue you would like to pray for using the above recommendation and any other people you feel you would like to bring into the circle.

Feel free to email if you so desire with questions, queries or experiences.

Much Love Susan

P.S. I have found knowing the prayer by heart a very valuable source of inspiration and accessible 24/7.  If you do not know the prayer off by heart, it may be worth considering asking yourself what the block is to using it in your every day life without carrying a piece of paper about with you, smile.

This will be a regular and on going event that will take place every second Thursday (alternating with the Evening Discussion Group). 

Facilitator: Susan Lytton-Hitchins
When:  Thursday evenings
Time: 7pm - 8/8:30pm
Where: Your own home
Please read & study “The Prayer for Divine Love”  as written by Jesus on 10th October 2005 outlining the emotional processing work essential to progress in Soul development with Divine Love. And the commentary by Jesus on the prayer (press here to go to the link). The actual prayer is up on the Learning Centre blog (go to link above or look under posts). This document can be found on the Divine Truth website and the prayer can be found by going to > what's new on left side >  navigation > prayer > and you will find it there. (Press the links for the commentary document).

Evening Discussion Group:

The format of the evening may vary with different facilitators as is their desire. 
It may include (but is not limited to) watching, hearing, reading various excerpts of seminar talks given by Jesus and Mary and others on particular issues and to have an opportunity to discuss, learn and apply what we learn in our every day lives practically. An opportunity to discover more Truth, re-visit Truth we may or may not have heard, and encourage one another in living it every day.

There may be some self reflection exercises and/or questions for you to ponder, contemplate and apply before attending the Evening Discussion.

Facilitator: Catherine Spence
When: Thursday, 1st August
Time: 7pm start
Topic: Humility (exploring humility as applied to our lives)
Where: Catherine's house
26 Kooda Road, Invergowrie.
Take the New England Highway turn onto Kliendiensts Road (between Armidale and Uralla),  follow this until you get to a T-section, turn right and then almost immediately left onto Hawthorne Drive. Follow Hawthorne Drive until you reach another T-section turn left onto Arding Road, follow that and turn right onto Mt Butler Road (if you go too far along Arding Road you will hit dirt so you will know you have taken the wrong turn.) follow Mt Butler Road until you hit another T-section turn left onto Invergowrie Road, you will go past the Invogowerie store and the second road on your left, turn left onto Kendall Road, take the second left on Kendall Road into Kooda Road. Kooda Road is a culdersac, number 26 you cannot see the house from the road so follow the road the driveway.


Our beautiful friends, Paul Simmons & Melinda Tanner are offering the gift of their time for a weekend workshop on:

Understanding & releasing anger.

Dates: Sat 3rd August & Sun 4th August.  
Time: 9am - 4pm.
Where: Uralla Neighbourhood Centre.

For bookings &/or enquiries phone:
Paul & Mel 0438 785 261.

Please contact them directly for more information, what to bring, and any other enquires you may have.

Environment Day

An open invitation for anyone who would like to come and give to the land. 

Peter will be facilitating this Environment Day. 

We will be planting trees and finishing ponds from 'Summerfest'. Need to meet at workshop and we will go out together, we do not want lots of vehicles at the site.

We will let you know HERE as soon as possible if it is cancelled for any reason.

When:  TBA Please check here for the next date
Time: 8-12pm (please be punctual)
Where: Meet at the workshop/sheds, parking behind the big green shed.

What to Bring:
Water bottle with enough water for the day
Snacks (Vegan/vegetarian food only while on the property please)
Work gloves
Own tools -maddock, digging tool of choice

We are asking for your old/new/used newspapers and cardboard (or your neighbours if they care to give it to you) that you do not want any more and would be willing to gather and bring along to Kyabra Station, Kentucky, when you come or we can arrange to drop it somewhere central so we can pick it up? 

Also wondering if anyone has any old Trampoline Springs that they don't want. Or if you know of any that others might not want theirs anymore. We would really like them and are happy to pick them up. please let us know if you do have any. 

Thank you.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Email Peter and/or Eloisa at or phone 02 67787348.

During some environmental events held here, there may be talks that include discussions about God, the Human Soul and other spiritual matters. However these will not be of long duration and any person can elect to not be present during these sessions. 

Second Chair-Cleaning Working Bee

Chairs to clean

The chairs we were gifted by a very generous donation need a bit TLC: scrape down, wash and polish. If you would like to join us at the woolshed and help out we would be most grateful for your time and efforts.

When: TBA

Time: 9am start - 12pm

Where: Wool shed, Kyabra Station, Kentucky

Please bring if you have available: 
a paint scraper and an old bucket (we have some of these but limited supply, if you have one you don't mind bringing we would be most appreciative).

Thank you to Joanne for organising everything we will need for cleaning the chairs. 

A Day in the Waterless Garden

An invitation to come and contribute to the Waterless Garden Project.
There are periodically days held in the Waterless Garden that will be ongoing until the project is completed. Check out here for dates you can volunteer your time and efforts if you so desire.

Facilitated by Lincon and Philippa (for more information please contact Philippa and Lincon via email).

Date: TBA

Time: 8:30am - 1pm

Where: In the waterless Garden. (Kyabra Learning Centre, Kentucky)

What to Bring:
Snacks if you want them
Sun protection
Anything you feel you need for a day in the garden outdoors

Parking: Please park cars/vehicles up near the big green shed (Jumbuck) on the roadway and walk to the garden, behind the cottage on the grass oval, Thank you.

Divine Truth Seminars

We periodically hold Divine Truth Seminars facilitated by Jesus and/or Mary. We also have been gifted time and resources from the Gods Way of Love Organisation who have run projects here and though the organisation itself has been disbanded at this time we plan to run similar projects under the same principles in the future.

Jesus and Mary give everything they do for free. If you desire to donate to them you can do so by visiting their website and or donating at their events. There is usually a donation box up the back of the venue.

For more information visit or Mary's blog

Music and Arts
(future events)

Presentations, concerts, Karaoke evenings, sing-a-longs recitals, plays etc.
We hope to have many of these encouraging local talent and anyone with a desire for music and the arts to join in, create and present in a loving manner, eventually taking it to the world over!

Special Note:

All events are sound and video recorded/photographed, and every event is or may be placed in the public domain on the internet free of charge. This includes potentially being on any other internet site. It also means that there is potential of media outlets copying and using this information in their own presentations and programs.

We provide this information to allow for people all around the world to be a part of the event and to see what actually happened there. If you do not wish to have your face or voice recorded, then please do not attend.

Our desire is for the property to grow in love. We desire it to be a place where anyone can come and know they will be treated lovingly and truthfully (according to God’s view of Love and Truth).
Please ask yourself the following questions before attending any of the following events:
1. Am I going to this event to take from people? Or am I going to participate and to give?

2. Am I going to this event in the state of rage/anger? Or a state that is open and humble?

3. Is there anybody potentially at the location that I am upset with already? If your answer is 'Yes' resolve the emotional issue IN LOVE, BEFORE you come to the event. 

4. If a person refuses consistantly to address issues of love they will need to stay off the property until they have worked through those issues. When you have you will be welcome to return.

If you do not answer in the affirmative to the above questions, or you are not prepared to work the issue/s you have with another out before hand, please do not attend the event.

We ask that while you are on the property that you treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

Below are some links to YouTube videos and sound files on Loving Eco System talks given by Jesus that we recommend listening to and are prerequisites if you desire to visit, volunteer your time or come along and partake in any of the learning projects that take place at the learning centre, now or in the future. We suggest you listen to or watch them so you understand the underlying principles that we are learning to engage and the ethos behind what we are aiming to do. It is also a wonderfully inspiring and soul stretching experience which we are excited about!


We feel that any experience to learn to love the land or participate in any learning project or activity held at the Learning Centre is a gift and ought to be free of charge. If you desire to donate funds or give gifts to the learning centre and the projects, you are more than welcome to do so. These help with running the events, equipment maintenance costs and purchasing equipment and resources. See Donations Static page for more information and donation details.


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